Nicaragua has been written about in several retirement publications as one of the best retirement destinations in the world. It is considered the safest of all Central American countries, and one of the safest countries in all of the Americas, Nicaragua is attracting retirees seeking a safe, easily traveled to, affordable and interesting place to spend their retirement.
We are mentioned in all travel magazines and publications as a go to place. Nicaragua tourism has grown at a rate of 10% annually for decades and many people are investing in the tourism business including restaurants, hostels , hotels , surf camps and vacation rentals, Our home rental business has an 80% occupancy rate year round.
If you walk around in Granada and San Juan del Sur you will hear several languages, Nicaragua has arrived as a world destination
Large and small investors alike are able to participate in Nicaragua’s vibrant economy and take advantage of the country’s friendly and welcoming, investment environment.
New business's like Pricemart , Walmart. There are several Home Depot type warehouse stores are springing up all over Nicaragua